Laser Core of Knowledge

Qualification code: LIA/103/BE
Credit Value: 5


Half Day


£ 200 inclusive



Summary Description of Course

  • Fundamental course which covers Risks and Hazards associated with Class 4 Lasers and is a necessary first step for anyone wanting to enter the Laser industry. 
  • Covers all health and safety aspects from the layout of the Laser room to hazards to the Eye.
  • The Core of Knowledge meets the minimum requirement to work in the Laser Industry and satisfies Legal and Insurance requirements.
  • Online course with a Certificate issued by our Laser Practitioner Advisor.

You’ll walk away with

A recognised Core of Knowledge Certificate 

What Next?

  • Level 4 Laser & Light Qualification
  • Laser Tattoo Removal
  • Advanced Laser Diploma

Core of Knowledge

  • In this qualification, you will develop an understanding of managing safe working practices and how to identify and control hazards.
  • You will understand the different wavelengths and depth of penetration of Lasers and IPL systems. 
  • You will learn about the hazards of the eye and be familiar with the forms of eye protection. 
  • The role of the LPA and LPS will be clear and the Local rules for your clinic. 
  • This qualification will satisfy any legal requirements and allow you to gain insurance, therefore, work legally within the industry..

Lectures / Seminars

  • Our trainers are leading professionals in the Laser industry. 
  • Lectures are delivered by experienced LPAs. 


  • Discussions are encouraged throughout the training, this allows reflective thinking, Which leads to a deeper understanding of the subject area.
  • There are a lot of differing opinions on the types of Lasers and parameters to use, A discussion clarifies any issues.

Work Experience

We offer short work experience days for all our students. Students will be place in one of our 5 running clinics. This is invaluable experience and will enable you to secure a job.

Real Running Clinic

We go beyond the syllabus. All our courses take place in a real clinic environment. We believe it is important for Learners to have the opportunity to learn as if they were in a real salon, particularly because this qualification leads to employment in such a client-centred and service orientated sector.

Models Provided

You don’t need to worry about providing models for your assessment. Unlike other training schools we are a running clinic so have access to clients that can be your models for assessment.


Our Trainers are leaders in the Beauty and Laser Industry. They can pass on years of knowledge and their practical experience to you.We have endless testimonials on students who have trained with us.

Our Courses

Our courses are internationally recognised and will satisfy insurance requirements. We will ensure that you reach a high standard of education and are competent in your chosen subject of study so you can move straight into the job industry. Most of our students secure jobs or set out to open their own salons or clinics.

Careers Support

We will provide you further ongoing support and we are there to help you reach your goal, whether its securing a job with a top chain clinic or salon or opening your dream clinic.

Student Portal

You will gain access to our Student Portal that will support you throughout your study. This student portal has all the Lectures and other resources and materials and Assignments to help complete your portfolio.

Online Student Shop

We have an online shop with student discount to purchase your own kits and any supplies you require.

Servicing Contracts for Lasers

We provide full servicing contract for all Laser and IPL equipment so can give you a idea on cost and consumable you will require with your Laser and IPL equipment.

LPA Services

We provide core of knowledge courses alongside our Laser courses and provide LPA Services. An LPA is a Laser Protection Advisor who will check your laser room is safe and write your clinic local rules. This is a requirement for local council and Insurance purposes.

Clinic Consultancy

Bespoke one to one consultation on how to open your own Clinic and advise on purchasing correct equipment and products. We also offer Franchise opportunities of our London Laser Clinic Chain.


We work closely with top manufacturers in the Aesthetic Industry and provide refurbished equipment. We can sit with you to find the most suitable equipment for your needs, this depends on your budge, market demographics, your specialisation and other factors.

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