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Comparison of Equipment


Laser (nm) Application
LP Ruby 694 Fitzpatrick skin types 1-2 only/beware of melanin absorption/limited penetration depth (1.5mm)/small spot sizes/slow
LP Alex 755 Safe on Fitzpatrick skin types 1-3, caution with skin type 4/good melanin absorption/beware of melanin absorption on darker skin types & suntans/good penetration depth of 4mm/also targets vascular supply to papilla/large spot sizes/very fast & effective.
LP Nd Yag 1064 Safe on all skin types/works best on Fitzpatrick 4-6/weaker melanin absorption/good penetration depth (up to 5mm)/large spot sizes/very fast/safest on darkest skin types/very effective for coarse thick hair/can be used on sun tanned skin after appropriate interval.
QS Nd Yag #4 1064 Uses carbon paste/is ineffective and messy/without carbon paste only achieves temporary hair reduction. Possibly used in fine dark hair in Fitzpatrick skin type 4????
Diode 810-980 Fitzpatrick skin types 1-5/melanin absorption similar to 755 Alex, so need to be used very cautiously on skin type 5 & suntanned skin/good penetration depth (up to 4mm)/also targets vascular supply to dermal papilla/smaller spot sizes/slower than Alex & Yag/often uses contact cooling. Has a infrared (invisible light). Handpiece is very heavy.
Diode (Super Hair Removal) 810 Same as above. Uses low J/cm2 & multiple passes (in-motion) to achieve pain free treatments/risk of low intrafollicular temperatures & therefore stimulation of hair growth/painfree in normal mode/slow treatments especially for large areas, such as legs, back arms, full body.
IPL 500-1200 Safe on Fitzpatrick skin types 1-3, need to be cautious on skin type 4/good melanin absorption/should not be used on Fitzpatrick 5 & 6 and suntans/poor penetration depth (2mm)/relatively non-selective/indirectly targets vascular supply to dermal papilla/more treatments usually required compared to laser/large spot sizes but slow rep rate/slow treatments/gel used as cooling which can be slow.