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“I want to change my career, I have no experience in the Beauty Industry”

VTCT Level 4 Laser & IPL Treatments with Level 2 Facial Award, Level 3 Beauty and Core Of Knowledge: Complete Amateur (15 Days over 7 Weeks)


  • Plus £404.00 which includes the following:
  • Assessment and Exam Fee
  • Registration and Qualification Fee
  • Uniform (White Tunic)
  • Course Materials
  • Post Course Work Logbook
  • Access to Student Portal
  • Financial option available (click here)
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London Timings: Sundays & Mondays, 10:00am – 5:00pm, 8 Days over 4 Weeks

VTCT Level 4 Laser & IPL Treatments Award: Complete Amateur (15 Days over 7 weeks)

  • Level 4 Qualifies you to Perform Laser & IPL treatments for Hair Removal & Skin
  • Suitable for anyone who has No Experience using Laser or IPL and No Beauty background.
  • And who is wishing to change their career and wanting to carry out aesthetic treatments such Laser hair removal and Skin treatments
  • Satisfies Legal requirements and allows you to gain Insurance

Course Modules

  • Level 2 VRQ Facial Award
  • Level 3 NVQ Diploma Beauty Therapy (General Route)
  • Level 4 NVQ Laser & IPL Treatments
  • Core Of Knowledge

Course Information

VRQ Level 2 Facial Award

  • The VRQ Level 2 Facial Award is a vocationally related qualification.
  • You will learn about maintaining and improving facial skin conditions using Exfoliation, Facial massage, Mask treatment and Facial Moisturising products.
  • You will need to maintain effective health, safety and hygiene procedures throughout your work.

Level 3 NVQ Beauty Therapy (General Route)

Level 4 Laser & IPL Treatment

  • This is a vocationally related qualification and is focused on reducing hair growth and photo rejuvenation of the skin using intense light and laser treatments.
  • In this qualification, you will develop an understanding of managing safe working practices and how to identify and control hazards.
  • You will also learn how to identify hair and skin conditions and those clients suitable for intense light and laser system treatments.
  • This qualification has been mapped to the relevant NOS, and is accredited on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).
  • The course will cover both theory and practice, which will be delivered by experienced Laser/IPL technicians.
  • At the end of this course, you will reach a very high level of competence at performing Hair Removal and Skin Treatments using Lasers and IPL.
  • You will be able to make an informed decision as to which Laser/IPL course will be suitable for your Salon/Clinic/Surgery.
  • Our training is completely independent, and we do not work for or with any Laser/IPL manufacturing companies.
  • We are a running clinic, therefore, you will be able to gain plenty of practical experience to get you started in this field.
  • On the successful completion of the course, you will be trained to provide expert Laser and IPL treatments.
  • This qualification will satisfy any legal requirements and allow you to gain insurance, therefore, work legally within the industry.


Day 1 (Week 1)

Tea and coffee in the morning – 10:00am start



  • Introduction to Lasers and IPL
  • What does Permanent Hair Reduction mean?

Laser Physics

  • What is a Laser? What is an IPL?
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • How Laser and IPLs are built
  • Specifications & Variables
  • Difference between Laser and IPL
  • Advantages & disadvantages of Laser & IPL

Different types of Equipment

  • Different types of Laser and IPLs
  • Types of Cooling Devices

Hazards & Safety of Laser/IPL

  • Laser/IPL Safety
  • Hazards of Lasers/IPL
  • Set up of Treatment Room

Hair Anatomy & Biology

  • Parts of the hair
  • Types of hair
  • Hair Growth Cycle
  • Correct time intervals for Face and Body treatments
  • Hair growth chart
  • Factors affecting hair growth

Fitzpatrick Skin Types

  • Evaluation of different skin types

How Laser works

  • Laser and Light depilation – mechanisms of action

Laser Parameters

  • Selecting correct parameters – spot size, pulse duration, Fluence
  • End points which determine success of the treatment
  • Effects of changing the parameters

Other Considerations

  • Dealing with untoward cases – Burns
  • Factors which influence success of Laser treatment, Hormonal conditions & other underlying medications.

Lunch Provided

Practical Hands on

  • Afternoon Practical Exercises
  • How to correctly handle equipment
  • Laser and IPL safety
  • Correct Goggles for client and therapist
  • Practical exercise on Laser and overlap theory
  • Role play – selecting correct parameters

Assignments and work given – work towards completing the portfolio

Day 2 (Week 1)

Tea and coffee in the morning – 10:00am start


Consultations and Medical Check

  • Medical History
  • Contraindications
  • Conditions to be cautious of
  • Photosensitive medications
  • Underlying medical conditions that affect treatment
  • Client concerns & Expectations from treatment
  • Assessment of Hair & Skin Type
  • What to expect during & after treatment
  • Pre, peri and post-op considerations
  • Possible Side Effects of treatment
  • Pre and post treatment care
  • Effects of Sun Exposure
  • Giving client an opportunity to ask Questions
  • Importance of Photographs
  • Consent Forms & Record Sheets

Performing Treatment

  • Preparation of Skin before treatment
  • Performing a Test Patch
  • Waiting time between test patch & treatment
  • Requirement of Recording treatment Parameters
  • Clinic documentation including consent forms, record sheets, advice sheets
  • Choosing correct equipment

Challenging cases

  • Managing client expectations
  • How to deal with challenging cases
  • Laser and IPL – issues with “permanent” hair removal
  • Main points to be careful of

Practical Exercise

  • Role play – Practical consultations
  • Role play – choosing parameters
  • Procedure for performing a Test Patch

Lunch provided

Practical Hands on Laser Hair Removal

  • Afternoon full demonstration of Laser hair removal treatments.
  • Practical on performing Laser hair removal treatments on various hair and skin types.
  • Product knowledge and professional products used.

Assignments and work to take away for the week

Work towards completing the portfolio

Day 3 (Week 2)

Tea and coffee in the morning – 10:00am start


Advanced Skin treatments

  • Introduction to Lasers & IPL in the use of Skin treatments
  • Skin Rejuvenation – Superficial Damage, Redness, Brown Pigmentation, Fine Lines
  • Skin Tightening – How wrinkles are caused, Collagen production, Selecting Patients for skin tightening, Mechanisms of Action, Techniques, Clinical endpoints
  • Pigmented Lesions – What are they?
  • Epidermal Pigment: Age Spots, Sunspots, Freckles, Cafe au lait, birthmarks, Beckers Naevi
  • Dermal Pigment: Nevus of Ito, Nevus of Ota, Blue Naevi, Congenital Melanocytic Nevi (CMN)
  • Mixed Component Pigment: Melasma/Cholasma, Naevus Spillus, Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), Drug-induced pigmentation (e.g. Minocycline)
  • Warnings of Melanomas: how to detect and what to do


  • Vascular: Port Wine Stains, Hemangiomas, Cherry angiomas, Venous Lake, Spider Nevi, Facial Veins, Leg Veins
  • What causes them?
  • What you can treat & what you cannot treat?
  • Which Laser & IPL devices you can use?
  • Vessel diameter
  • Depth of penetration
  • Vessel actions
  • Vascular Lasers
  • Selecting correct Parameters
  • Epidermal Cooling
  • Vessel visualisation
  • Clinical Endpoints
  • Consent Forms, Record Sheets, Advice Sheets for skin treatments

Lunch Provided

Practical Hands on

  • Practical performing Laser skin tightening
  • Practical performing Laser skin Rejuvenation
  • Practical performing Photo Rejuvenation
  • Practical performing Pigmented Lesions – Face and Body
  • Practical performing Vascular Treatments – Face and Body
  • Product knowledge and professional products used
Day 4 (Week 2)

Tea and coffee in the morning – 10:00am start


Practical Training

  • Practical Training for Hair removal
  • Practical Training for Skin treatments

If you require more support or practice we are more than happy to accommodate your needs.

Day 5 (Week 3)

Tea and coffee in the morning – 10:00am start


Assessment Day – Level 4 Laser & IPL Treatment

  • Practical Assessments for Laser hair removal
  • You will be required to bring your own Models

Please note that the centre holds no responsibility to provide Models.

Day 6 (Week 3)

Tea and coffee in the morning – 10:00am start


Assessment Day – Level 4 Laser & IPL Treatment

  • Practical Assessments for Skin treatments
  • You will be required to bring your own Models

Please note that the centre holds no responsibility to provide Models.

Day 7 (Week 4)

Tea and coffee in the morning – 10:00am start


  • Hygiene health and safety
  • Relevant anatomy and physiology
  • Products and equipment required
  • Consultation procedures
  • Contraindications to treatment
  • Skin diagnosis
  • Cleansing, toning and moisturising
  • Exfoliation
  • Extractions
  • Massage movements
  • Selection, mixing and application of different types of face masque
Day 8 (Week 4)

Tea and coffee in the morning – 10:00am start


Assessment Day – VRQ Level 2 Facial Award

  • 3 Assessments on live clients
  • 1 Assignment
  • 2 Exams

Course Aims

  • The aim of this Level 4 complete amateur course is to enable you to gain entry into this field.
  • The course is designed to enable you the opportunity to gain the necessary academic qualifications to gain entry into this profession and gain insurance.
  • The Level 4 Qualification will be a legal requirement for anyone wishing to perform Laser and IPL Treatments.
  • If you are new to this industry it will cover everything you need to know

Entry Requirements

  • Suitable for anyone who has No Experience using Laser or IPL and No Beauty background.
  • And who is wishing to change their career and wanting to carry out aesthetic treatments such Laser hair removal and Skin treatments.
  • This course is completed in 7 weeks.

Course Dates

Click here to see the Course dates…

  • Our course dates vary for different training centres. Please have a look at our course date calendar to find a suitable date and venue.
  • Our courses get filled quickly, so we advise you to book in advance to avoid disappointment.


The course takes place at the following venues

  • Aesthetic Laser Training London
    London Laser Clinic
    12 Holmstall Parade
    Edgware Road, Burnt Oak HA8 5HX
    07709 147 320

Click here to Contact Us and/or see our Training Centres

Course Fees

  • £3999.00 for Level 2 Facial, Level 3 Beauty therapy,  Level 4 Laser and Light and Core Of Knowledge
  • £224.00 Registration and Qualification fee
  • £100.00 Assessment and Exam fee
  • £20.00 Uniform (White Tunic must be purchased)
  • £50.00 Course materials
  • £10.00 Post course work logbook

Our pricing policy is very fair and we ensure that all our prices are affordable making our training available to everyone.

Teaching and Assessment Methods

Lectures / Seminars

  • Our trainers are leading professionals in the Beauty and  Laser and IPL.
  • Lectures are delivered by experienced Educators.


  • Our trainers work with Laser/IPL day in day out, so you will receive the most up to date information.
  • Our courses are run in a specialised Laser / IPL training organisation. We have a number of different Laser /IPL equipment from different manufacturers,  So you can get practical hands-on experience using different devices.

Group Work

  • You will work in groups to perform consultations and role plays.
  • This breaks the theory up and makes the course a lot more fun and interesting.
  • This refines the understanding of the subject area and allows the opportunity to give and receive feedback on performance.


  • Discussions are encouraged throughout the training, this allows reflective thinking, Which leads to a deeper understanding of the subject area.
  • There are a lot of differing opinions on the types of Lasers and parameters to use, A discussion clarifies any issues.


This satisfies the theory part of the qualification.

  • Assignments will need to be completed for each of the modules.
  • We will provide you with detailed course material that will allow you to complete the assignments.
  • You can work on the assignments at your own pace, However the quicker you complete them, the quicker you will receive your qualification.
  • 100% support and help will be provided for you to complete this part of the study programme.
  • The assignments can be written or you can use audio-visual media to record the answers.


This satisfies the practical part of the qualification.

  • You will be required to perform treatments on real clients under assessment conditions.
  • We will ensure that you are 100% ready for this part of the course by providing you with enough practical experience.
  • You will perform Facial Treatments
  • You will perform Facial/Body Electricals
  • You will perform Massage
  • You will perform Indian Head
  • You will perform Electrolysis
  • You will perform Hair removal treatments using Laser and IPL.
  • You will perform Skin tightening, Skin rejuvenation, Red blood spots,Rosacea, Vein removal and Pigmented lesions removal using Lasers.


  • As part of this course, You will be required to produce a portfolio.
  • All evidence will need to be documented in the portfolio and cross-referred to unit outcomes.
  • Constructing the portfolio should not be left to the end and we will help you to do this step by step as you go along on this course.

Independent Study

  • You will be required to perform some independent study on this course.
  • This will enable you to tailor the general course materials to your own interests and requirements and develop your learning style.

Ongoing Support

  • We aim to give you the highest standard of training, if you feel you need more time or more practical training you can join more practical classes.
  • We also provide follow up support, So if you do have any questions or are unsure of anything we are there to help. We provide a student area on our website. This will give you access to forms, treatment protocols and procedures, list of suppliers and articles. Full 100% support will be provided to complete your assignments and portfolio.

Additional Information


  • All student must be willing to participate with each other.
  • You will be required to bring models in for your assessments. Advance notice will be provided.
  • Please note that the centre holds no responsibility to provide models.


  • You will need to purchase a white tunic.
  • Hair must be tied up and nails need to be short.
  • Comfortable footwear must be worn.


  • Tea, Coffee and other refreshments will be provided throughout the day.
  • Lunch will be provided on all days, with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options (All the food is Halal).
  • If you have other specific dietary requirements, Please inform us in advance so we can make arrangements.

Resources Kit

You need to bring the following,

  • A4 lever arch file
  • Dividers
  • Notepad