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Laser or IPL?

Advantages and disadvantages of IPL & Lasers

Equipment Advantage Disadvantage
  • IPLs are a lot cheaper to buy – ideal to test the market
  • Can be more profitable than lasers since purchasing price is significantly lower
  • Useful for skin rejuvenation
  • Can treat multiple targets because it emits different wavelengths.
  • Less effective technology for removing hair.
  • Considered to be “jack of all trades masters of none”
  • IPLs cannot safely be used on dark skin types
  • Normally uses gel as cooling method which is messy
  • IPLs are more uncomfortable – more intense flash of light.
  • IPLs are slow – long pulse delivery.
  • More effective & more selective
  • Vapourises the hair – immediate satisfaction to client in comparison to IPL.
  • More published clinical evidence for laser hair removal compared to IPL
  • Penetrates deeper into the skin, more effective for darker thicker hairs – IPLs only penetrate 2mm.
  • Better cooling devices, such as cold air, cryogen spray
  • More expensive to buy
  • Not as good as IPL for Red blush & Skin Rejuvenation.