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Laser Core of Knowledge is a mandatory certification for anyone planning to step into the vast world of Laser. Apart from covering all the risks and hazards of Class 4 lasers, this basic course also incorporates the health and safety aspects like the laser room layout and risk to the eye. This online certification is the minimum requirement to work in the laser industry. Moreover, it fulfils all your legal and insurance requirements.



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This fundamental course covers Risks and Hazards associated with Class 4 Lasers and is a necessary first step for anyone wanting to enter the Laser industry. It also covers all health and safety aspects, from the layout of the Laser room to hazards to the Eye.

The Core of Knowledge meets the minimum requirement to work in the Laser Industry and satisfies Legal and Insurance requirements. Online course with a Certificate issued by our Laser Practitioner Advisor. You will be taught by the best and most renowned Laser Practitioners in the UK who have decades of experience in the said field.

Our main motive is to instil a deeper understanding of the field and how to cope with any risks and hazards effectively. So, why wait for the right time when it is the ideal time.

This is a home study course which includes course materials and a test set by LPA. The Qualification you will receive will be certified by an LPA. You cannot practice Laser treatments without the minimum Core of Knowledge. This is required by both Insurance companies and local councils. This course covers everything you need to know about safety of class 4 lasers. It will prepare you on minimum standards from set up of treatment room, to equipment to eye wear.

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