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The Laser Practitioner Diploma has been specifically developed for Beginner students. This is a substantial in-depth course that gives you the foundation to start your career in Laser & IPL whether you wish to open your own Clinic or be employed in an Aesthetic Skin Clinic.

You will gain 3 individual Qualifications with this Diploma course:

VTCT Level 2 in Facial Skincare & Massage

VTCT Level 3 in Beauty Therapy (General Route)

Core of Knowledge Certificate

VTCT Level 4 in Laser and Light Treatments.

These qualifications will satisfy all Insurance and Council Regulations. You will not be required to complete any other courses.

On the Level 2 Facials Course you will learn how to cleanse and handle a client’s skin and perform a facial using the correct skin care products for the client.

You will then move onto the Level 3 Beauty Therapy course teaching you advanced Facials such as Microdermabrasion, Galvanic, Microcurrent, Faradic and Epilation. You will also study Body Massage, Hot Stone Therapy.

The Level 4 course is an advanced course teaching you how to use Lasers and IPL systems for Hair reduction and Skin treatments. Focus is on treating all skin types 1 – 6 for Laser Hair Removal using the ND:Yag and Alexandrite Laser systems.

You will learn how to use the Laser and IPL devices for the most popular skin concerns.

This includes Laser Skin tightening, IPL Photo Rejuvenation Facial, IPL Acne, IPL Rosacea, Superficial Vein removal and Sunspots Freckle removal.

Duration : 16 Days


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