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Which Equipment to buy?

Do your Research

  • There’s plenty of choice out there so it’s important to  do your research on suppliers and manufacturers.

Market Demographics

  • Are you going to be treating dark skin, light skin or both?
  • Are you going to be carrying out more hair removal treatments, skin treatments or both?
  • After you have determined the characteristics of your market talk to suppliers about equipment that matches these characteristics.


  • How popular is the Device
  • Remember if a particular equipment is in Magazines or endorsed with celebrity ads, clients may be asking for that particular equipment.

Laser or IPL

  • Both proven to work for hair  removal
  • IPL cannot treat darker skin
  • IPL better for skin treatments – one machine that can  perform multiple treatments.
  • If you are dedicated to  hair removal it will be a better choice as it will outperform  an IPL.


What can you afford?

  • Second hand equipment – this could be a real option for you if you  have some knowledge of the equipment and can check there are no major  problems with the equipment and that any minor issues can be resolved quickly and without much expense. Also there will be no warranty and training will not be provided, so this is something to consider.
  • IPLs are cheaper than Lasers  – Lasers will cost you a lot more than an IPL. however if you are going to be dedicated to hair removal Lasers will outperform an IPL.
  • Finance options: buy outright or lease the machine or other finance options. Decide what’s right for your business but ensure you read all paperwork correctly and in detail. It’s a good idea to get paperwork checked by a solicitor to ensure there are no unfair clauses.

Parts replacements

  • It’s not just the cost of the equipment but the cost of future parts replacements.
  • Flash lamps for IPL are very expensive to replace.
  • Normally lamps need to be replaced every million shots.
  • Diodes tend to be the cheapest to maintain.

Servicing costs

  • This can be expensive – service engineers can charge up to £800 for a call out charge on top of the cost of replacing any parts if the machine is not under warranty.
  • Warrantee normally expires after 1 year of purchasing the equipments.
  • Replacement warranty can cost £8,000 a year.
  • You also need to look at whether the service engineers will provide 24 hour service, you don’t want parts arriving 3 weeks later. This will not be good for your business reputation.

Types of Machines


  • If you are going to be treating mainly skin types 1-3
  • Cannot treat tanned skin. You will be limited to treating very light skin with no tan.
  • With enough experience you will be able to treat very light skin type 4s with caution.
  • Alexandrite can treat pigmented lesions but is of limited use for veins, skin tightening, rejuvenation, rosacea etc.
  • If your main clientele is light skin for hair removal this is the gold standard laser to choose.



  • If you main clientele is dark skin (skin type 4-6) you will need a Nd:Yad.
  • It’s the only Laser than can be used on skin type 6
  • The Nd:Yag can be used to treat deep leg veins and some superficial veins, it’s excellent for skin tightening, however cannot treat pigmented lesions.





Yag/Alex comboyag-alex

  • Having an equipment with both Alex and Yag is a very good option.
  • It is a more expensive option but will allow you to treat a large range of clients from very light skin to darkest of skins.
  •  You will also be covered to perform all the skin treatments, pigmented lesions, vascular, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and rosacea.





  • If your main clientele is skin type 1-5 then this is a good option.
  • You will never be able to treat skin type 6 however, skin type 4-5 will respond well with diode.
  • The Nd:Yag struggles to respond well on light hair on skin types 4-5, Diode is better for these cases. Diode has a similar wavelength to Alex 755nm .
  • Uses contact cooling sometimes with gel and treatments can be quite slow as it has small spot sizes and handpiece is heavy.
  • Diode can be used for vascular work and pigmented lesions.



Painfree Diodepainfree

  • Example is the Soprano Pain Free Laser
  • Same as Diode but uses multiple passes to achieve pain free treatment.
  • Can only be used on skin types 1-5
  • Very slow treatments
  • Results are varied, down to operator.





  • Good if your clientele is mainly light skin for hair removal and skin treatments.
  • Can be used on skin types 1-3, but very cautiously on skin types 4.
  • Cannot perform treatments on skin types 5-6.
  • However there can be an option to add a Yag to the IPL in the future after purchasing which will allow you to treat all skin types.
  • IPLs are brilliant for skin treatments, Photo rejuvenation, vascular, rosacea and pigmented lesions.
  • IPLs use cooling gel so this can slow treatments down.

Most popular suppliers

  • The UK distributor is based in Wales.
  • Provide Alexandrite, Nd:Yag Lasers and combo Alexandrite and Nd:yag lasers.
  • DCD is patented to Candela machines
  • The hair removal equipment is high powered with big spot sizes and fast repetition rates
  • They provide Pulsed dye lasers, fractional lasers, skin contouring and fat reduction equipment and tattoo removal machines.
  • Candela has been changing recently and the whole business is being restructured.
  • A few issues with customer service, maintenance and ordering supplies.



  • A UK company based in Cheshire
  • Provides some of the best IPL equipment
  • Provides IPL and Laser combos
  • Provides fractional lasers, q switch lasers
  • Very good customer service



  • They have the famous PicoSure Laser for tattoo removal and the PinPointe Foot Laser
  • Laser hair removal equipment normally sold with Zimmer coolers
  • They have Yag and Alexandrite systems and combo systems
  • They provide lasers for tattoo removal, pigmented lesions, cellulite and vascular.



  • The distributor is called ABC lasers and is based in Cambridgeshire
  • They have the famous pain free Soprano Laser (Diode)
  • They have the harmony which is a platform that allows you to perform many different skin treatments
  • They also provide Nd:Yag, Alexandrite and Q-switch lasers.



  • The UK distributor is based in Hertfordshire
  • They have the famous Diode Lightsheer, a popular machine both in the UK and UAE
  • They also provide Nd:Yag and IPLs but famous for Diode lasers.